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If you don't see what you want available here, give Jason a call at 780 690 6548 and ask what he has available in the saddles are in the process of being made and may not have been added to this page.

69. Custom Association saddle                                      $5475

  • 16" seat with Cheyenne roll and 3/4 inlay
  • Dally horn
  • Round close contact skirts
  • Matching breast collar included

68. Custom McKenzie Ranch saddle        SOLD           $6275

  • 15 1/2" seat with inlay and traditional bead roll
  • hand carved accents
  • braided swells
  • 4 1/2" cantle
  • wood post horn
  • matching ranch style breast collar included

67. Custom Cliff Wade saddle                             SOLD   $6200

  • 16" seat with partial inlay and Cheyenne roll
  • 7/8 plate rigged with Jeremiah Watt engraved stainless hardware
  • 4 1/2" cantle
  • Wood Post horn
  • Cowhorse style square skirts with close contact lining

66. Custom performance reining saddle                        $5365.00
  • 16" seat
  • well balanced close contact seat
  • engraved stainless rigging 
  • California rose and leaf hand carved accents
  • 2" Hand made custom stirrups with leather tread

65. Custom All Around saddle                        SOLD $5300.00

  • 16 3/4" finished seat size
  • 7/8 double rigged with stainless beveled dees
  • This is a great all purpose saddle with a balanced seat and stirrups placed in the standard balanced position.
  • 4 1/2" cantle with Cheyenne roll
  • Close contact design
  • Very comfortable all leather ground seat with partial inlay
  • Matching breast collar included

64. Custom Cutter/Cowhorse saddle                           $5375.00

  • 15 1/2" smooth seat with Cheyenne roll. Very low point of contact puts you as close to the horse as possible. Combine this with our close contact skirt lining and you have an amazing seat.
  • Premium quality chestnut leather border tooled with hand carved accents. Hand made stainless bound Visalia stirrups.

63. Custom Olin Young Roper                                     $4750.00
  • 16" traditional smooth seat with cheyenne roll.
  • Stirrups hung in the natural balanced position. This saddle is set up to ride comfortably all day and ready to rope. 
  • Hand made 3" stirrups with heel blocks. White oak stainless bound.
  • Hamley stamped design with engraved accents hand carved.
  • Matching breast collar included.
  • Will fit most horses very well.
  • Free moving stirrup leathers with sliders. 
  • Stainless beveled dees and stainless engraved Jeremiah Watt conchos. 

62. Custom Wade saddle                                   SOLD  $5465.00
  • 15 1/2 seat with Cheyenne roll and inlay.
  • Partial start floral and leaf hand carved with accent leaves. 
  • San Carlos border tooling
  • Hand made white oak stainless bound 4"stirrups
  • Cross over rope strap
  • Matching breast collar included
  • Beautifully engraved stainless Jeremiah Watt hardware.
  • Premium quality dark brown saddle leather 
  • Free moving stirrup leathers and well built drop plate rigging

61. Custom Cliff Wade saddle                           SOLD   $6200.00

  • 15 1/2" rough out seat traditional seat with a bead roll 
  • 18" Visalia style one piece tapedaros, the most durable style of taps on the market. 
  • Matching breast collar included
  • Classic Scroll and floral tooled with basket stamped corners
  • 7/8 plate rigged with Jeremiah Watt engraved stainless steel hardware.
  • Cross over rope strap.

60. Custom Will James saddle                       SOLD    $5225.00

  • 16" seat with inlay and roll
  • Braided swells
  • Rich brown leather with hand carved accents
  • 3" handmade white oak stainless bound stirrups
  • Matching breast collar included

59. Custom Ray Hunt style Cliff Wade saddle   SOLD      $5600

  • 15 1/2" smooth seat with Cheyenne roll
  • Engraved Stainless steel hardware
  • Premium brown saddle leather
  • San Carlos border
  • Engraved hobble ring
  • 7/8 drop plate rigged 
  • Matching breast collar included

58. Custom Ranch saddle                                 SOLD   $6470.00

  •  15 1/2" seat with bead roll and 4 1/2" cantle.
  •  This saddle is designed with the same wood post horn as a Cliff Wade saddle. It has a front with some undercut to the swells and provides a secure and comfortable seat. 
  • California rose and leaf hand carved design.
  • matching breast collar.
  • Jeremiah Watt engraved stainless steel hardware
  • handmade 3" Moran Stirrups with heel blocks

57. Custom Association saddle                      SOLD  $5460.00

  • 15 1/2 " very comfortable 3/4 inlaid seat with Cheyenne roll
  •  Stirrups hang in a natural balance position and are twisted to alleviate pressure on the riders knees. 
  • Matching breast collar included.
  • Premium deep brown saddle skirting.
  • Braided swells
  • Close contact lined skirts.                                                

56. Custom Will James saddle                         SOLD $5245.00

  • 16", very comfortable traditional smooth seat, with all leather ground seat.
  • Rich chestnut leather
  • Deep smooth seat with 4 1/2" cantle
  • Dally horn latigo wrapped
  • engraved stainless hobble ring on nearside
  • Hand braided swells
  • Free moving fenders with sliders.
  • close contact skirt design
  • matching breast collar included
  • engraved accents with old association stamp tooling

54. Custom performance reining saddle                        $5365.00
  • 16" seat
  • well balanced close contact seat
  • engraved stainless rigging 
  • California rose and leaf hand carved accents
  • 2" Hand made custom stirrups with leather tread

53. Custom Chuck Shepherd Roper               SOLD    $5250.00
  • 15" seat size
  • very comfortable and well balanced seat with 3/4 inlaid seat and Cheyenne roll 
  • dally horn
  • 7/8 rigged with premium stainless beveled rigging dees
  • matching breast collar included
  • close contact design

52. Custom Cliff Wade Saddle                      SOLD     $6855.00
  • 15 3/4" seat with small inlaid seat
  • 4 1/2" cantle with traditional bead roll
  • Jeremiah Watt engraved hardware
  • Horse heads hand tooled into fenders

51. Custom Cliff Wade Saddle                       SOLD    $5475.00
  • 15 1/2" Traditional smooth seat with all leather ground seat  ( All leather ground seat means there is no tin or fiberglass used in building the ground seat )
  • Top quality chestnut leather with Classic Scroll tooling.
  • This saddle features our highly sought after close contact skirt design.
  • Plate rigged 7/8 with Jeremiah Watt engraved hardware 
  • Matching Breast collar included


50. Custom SS Lightweight Saddle                SOLD     $4925.00
  • 15 1/2" super comfortable seat with 3/4 inlay.
  • weighs about 28 lbs. 
  • matching breast collar included
  • Dakota stamped with beautiful leaf accents
  • Handmade white oak stainless bound 2" Visalia stirrups 

49. Custom Will James Saddle                          SOLD $5000.00
  • 15 1/2 traditional seat with all leather ground seat
  • round close contact skirts
  • matching breast collar included
  • 3 1/2" high dally horn leather covered

48. Custom Cliff Wade saddle.          SOLD       $6675.00
-15 3/4" seat
-Chestnut color, Wood post horn, Matching martingale style breast collar, traditional seat with inlay. 

47. Custom Visalia Saddle                        SOLD $5695.00                         
This 15 1/2 inch saddle is built with a traditional smooth seat.  The ground seat, which is the first step in the making of a custom
 saddle, is made entirely with leather and will conform to your shape with use. 

-White Oak stainless bound Visalia stirrups with leather chafe
-Hand carved star flower and leaf design.
-5" High Cantle with bead roll.
-Includes matching martigale style breast collar.
-This rig will fit 95% of the horses you'll saddle. Plenty of wither clearance and the right width.

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