Two - Way Trust saddle

      The Two - Way Trust saddle was designed with and for David Cowley of Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. It is a custom designed Extreme Cowboy saddle that is very versatile. This saddle will fit horses very well and allows the horse to perform optimally. The seat is well balanced,secure, very comfortable, and places the rider as close to the horses back as possible. Built with a 7/8 close contact rigging the amount of material between the horse and the rider is minimized. This allows for superior freedom of movement. All Two - Way Trust saddles feature the Two - Way Trust Logo as shown on the saddle below. The location and size of the logo may be changed . David Cowley's website can be viewed at His phone number is (403) 830 5550.  

Two Way Trust Extreme Cowboy saddle                           Est. Price $4450.00

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